The March To Harrud

Syntax: Play 'The March to Harrud'

The desert city of Ashta Harrud lies in the southern reaches of
Avendar, in the geographic center of the Crimson Sands. The city
fell only once, when Felsa the Mad General of Gogoth lead an
entire battalion of his troops across the desert to assail the
city. This song commemorates the spirit of the mad general, and
those who hear it are invigorated, moving further while expending
less stamina.

Instrument: Vocal

Duration: Discretion of performer

Primary Attribute: Charisma

"The March to Harrud" requires the use of the bard's voice, so it can be played while the bard is wearing any instrument. It reduces the movement cost of all the bard's movements by 3, enabling him to travel extremely long distances without having to rest to restore movement points.

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