The Veils Of Tyril

Syntax: Play 'The Veils of Tyril'

This song, long a favorite of the common folk, tells the tale of
the heroic rogue Tyril. Calling to mind a bit of his spirit,
the bard who plays this song will call up shadows to conceal
themselves in in the manner of thieves and bandits, their presence
indicated only by the sounds of the music.

Instrument: Woodwind

Duration: Discretion of performer

Primary Attribute: Charisma

"The Veils of Tyril" requires the use of a wind instrument such as a flute or ui'lean pipes. It allows the bard to conceal himself by "hiding" like a rogue. He can be seen by anyone with the "detect hidden" ability, and the song will be audible to anyone in the room, which will reveal his presence.

*Bug: If the bard begins playing the song and then switches instruments, he will remain hidden.

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