Touch Of The Seas

Syntax: Play 'Touch of the Seas'

Said to contain some small measure of the healing powers of the sea,
this song, when played, brings increased regeneration to the bard
and his or her group.

Instrument: Vocal

Duration: Discretion of performer

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Charisma

A minor healing song, it increases the health regeneration of the bard and his/her group. For this to be the case, the audience (and naturally, the bard as well) have to be awake, but can be resting. It returns a small amount of health a few times every tick, which nonetheless adds up, especially when combined with song of salyra. This allows a bard to recover quickly from injury, even while moving. The amount of health is affected by the fast healing skill, and as such, bards that play this song often will find their fast healing skill increasing quite rapidly.

To maximize the benefit of Touch of the Seas, a player could try to rest between ticks, and sleep on the tick. This will allow a character to recuperate mana and health while sleeping, and gain some more health in between the ticks playing the touch.

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