Type: Major Spirit Utility Spell
Range: Target Inventory Item
Cost: 150 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: Permanent

Syntax: Cast 'Affinity' <item>

This spell creates an inextricable bond between the caster and an item in his possession. If it should ever leave his hands, even through death, that item will be returned to its owner in short order. This spell persists even if the caster quits out from the game; the only means of dispelling this effect are if the item is destroyed or if the caster should die without holding the item. You cannot change the item your Affinity affects easily, so choose wisely. Your Focus is an obvious choice.

I believe the game checks every tick if you possess your affinity item; if you do not, it disappears and reappears in your inventory.

Note that there is currently a bug which causes affinity to fade every time you die. Your item will still be returned to you correctly, but you need to reapply the spell once you unghost. (1 Jul 2009)

Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Charisma

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