Animal Eyes

Syntax: Cast 'animal eyes' <Animal target>

Through the use of the animal eyes spell, a druid sees through the eyes of an animal, seeing the room around the animal and the whereabouts of those who currently travel through the animal's area. This spell benefits greatly from a druid knowing unique animals, as it will let the druid quickly search Avendars' vast expanses for other players. If a certain animal occurs in more than one region, targetting for example ‘5.frog’ helps the druid to find the desired pair of eyes to look through. If an area is devoid of animals altogether, a foreseeing druid might lead some beast into the area using the animal tongue, or the animal swarm spells.

Animal eyes also helps the druid to see when his own eyes fail him, either through some form of blindness, or because an assassin's cloak or an air scholars' obfuscation: just call upon the eyes of the animals around you.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Charisma

Animals specific for certain areas:

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