Astral Projection
Type: Greater Spirit Utility Spell
Range: Caster Only
Cost: 200 mana
Lag: ?
Duration: See Text

Syntax: Cast 'Astral Projection' / Shift <target mobile>

This spell causes the caster to leave his body, as an intangible spirit. This spirit may be seen by those who detect the invisible, but this spirit may not otherwise interact or communicate with the world. While he is in astral form, the caster may 'shift' to a target mobile in the world, instantaneously transporting him there. Shifting costs 150 mana, and each half-hour spend in the astral plane costs 100 mana. When the caster is out of mana, he will be returned to his body. If the caster's astral body is attacked, this too will jolt the caster back to his body.

To prematurely end this spell, the caster may use the 'relinquish' command to return to his body. Depending on the way the astral projection is released, the penalty on the scholar is either in mana or health.

This spell is useful in combination with the locate object spell, if you do not know where to find the mob that has an item you want. Simply shift to the mob and explore the area as you wish. While your spirit is safe in astral form, you should be careful not to leave your body in a dangerous place, as you can lose much of your health and are lagged for a short while upon returning to your body.

Although astral projections cannot pick up anything, by oversight it is possible to acquire items through progs such as trophies, berries or lichen. These can then be dropped in a safe space, where the scholar might pick them up.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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