Type: Greater Spirit Benediction Spell
Range: Caster Only
Cost: 160 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: See Text

Recast Delay: 12 Hours, starting when the spell fades

Syntax: Cast 'Avatar'

One of the most powerful spells of the spirit sphere, this spell wholly transmogrifies the caster into a pure avatar of the sphere, a being of pure energy. His hit points are doubled (and restored to full), and his ability to physically hit and deal damage are drastically increased (hitroll and damroll are increased by an amount equal to the caster's level); all of his physical blows become vehicles of holy power, and the avatar may attack up to four times in a single round. So filled with this power, the avatar will take significantly less damage from those of evil heart.

Avatars may not cast spells, speak, or feel the effects of other benedictions, nor may they enter a room that is particularly close to the Void. Every half-hour, the avatar will lose one hundred mana (Avatars do not regenerate any mana, though they may still make use of mana restoring effects such as spirit stones); when this is wholly depleted, the energy will leave him, and he will revert to his original form, sorely wounded. It will be twelve hours until the caster may attempt the spell again.

Note that an Avatar may still make use of wands, staves, scrolls, potions, and pills and may still use spiritrecall to return to their rune of spirit.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Charisma

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