Type: Minor Spirit Benediction Spell
Range: Target PC, Mob, or Inventory Object
Cost: 5 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: (6+Level)/2 Hours

Syntax: Cast 'Bless' <target>

There are two functions for blessings: An object that is blessed is stripped of most superficial evil taint, and is considered blessed if it was not already evil. A blessing will be unable to remove the evil from any item that has a greater level than the caster's. Wearing this item will increase the bearer's saves by 1. While blessing every item you wear is a time consuming process, you will gain a significant boost to your saves.

Contrary to popular mythology, a blessed weapon is no more useful against demonic or undead targets than any other, though a blessing does grant a measure of protection against damaging spells such as shatter.

When cast on a living being, a blessing will improve the target's hitroll and saves by 1 for every 8 levels of the caster. It is not possible to bless someone who is currently fighting.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Wisdom

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