Type: Transport Spell
Range: Self
Cost: 30 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: Level/4 hours

Syntax: cast 'blink'

While affected by blink, an air templar has a chance to attempt to teleport away from a fight when he reaches his wimpy threshold; if none is set, this spell will not activate. The range of blink differs from teleport itself in that it is limited to the current area.

This is one of the most effective escape powers in the game because it cannot be stopped with lag and can bypass powers that prevent recalling or fleeing, such as desecration and The Price of Cowardice.

This spell chains well with other transport techniques, such as word of recall or group teleport, as it can put significant distance between attackers and the escaping templar. This ability does not function in norecall areas or inside a house.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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