Type: Utility Spell
Range: Target Character
Cost: 45 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Level/18 hours

Syntax: cast 'brittleform' <target>

Brittleform grants a resistance to slash damage and a vulnerability to bash damage. Both the earth scholar and earth templar classes gain this spell. Damage reduction granted by stone skin and brittleform stack.

For earth scholars, this spell is supremely effective in conjunction with stonefist and meteor strike. For earth templars, brittleform synergizes well with shattering blow and meteor strike.

Many earth casters or characters grouped with them are inclined to try using maces while brittleforming, as many of them deal the proper damage type. Relatedly, this spell can be a compelling reason for an earth templar to use a polearm/stone phalanx configuration, if wielding a lucern hammer.

This spell initiates combat with any other character upon which it is cast, ally or enemy, and as such, precautions should be taken. Casting this on a group member is usually performed by asking that character to sleep and casting it then.

Note that Brittleform now allows the target a save to avoid its effects, though the casting lag has been reduced to 1 round.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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