Chain Lightning

Syntax: Cast 'Chain Lightning' <Target>

The most powerful spell in the arsenal of an air scholar is Chain Lightning. Pure electricity arcs from the hands of the scholar, discharging in the body of the victim, after which it bounces -slightly weakened- to its next target. When there is noone but the caster in the room, the chain grounds itself after discharging once in the body of the caster.

When it is just the scholar and his opponent in a room, the opponent will typically be hit four to five times, by consessively weaker bolts. Still, the massive amount of cumulative damage in combination with the overwhelming effect of being struck several times at once (and literally, seeing your screen filled with damage messages) is often enough to paralyze not the character, but the player behind the character. This gives an aggressive air scholar a definite edge.

This spell works poorly in conjunction with illusions, as they will turn against their caster, unless already occupied with another target.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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