Syntax: Cast 'Chameleon' <Animal Target>

This spell is allows druids to assume the form of a particular animal. The druid's appearance, shape, and size changes to match the creature, and players that wish to attack, summon, windwalk or otherwise target the druid will have to target his/her animal shape. Any combat or casting will end the spell's effect.

While in a forested area, the druid will not appear on ‘where’ either, making chameleon a valuable tool to hide from enemies. Be wary though, that if an opponent is specifically looking for you (syntax: where druidplayer), he will find you. A cunning druid however, might turn this limitation of his magic to his advantage, by remaining near the beast that he/she chameleoned, and perhaps tricking his/her opponent into attacking the beast rather than the druid. Of course, the more aggressive druids mighy not necessarily wait for their opponent to make the mistake of attacking a beast instead of them, but actively set the beast upon their foe, using the stampede spell.

List of non-chameleon'able animals:
Spiders in Qilarn.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom

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