Create Spring
Type: Minor Earth/Water Utility Spell
Range: Room
Cost: 20 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Level/2 Hours

Syntax: cast 'create spring'

A fairly passable spell used by water scholars, water templars, earth scholars and earth templars, Create Spring brings forth a magical spring from the ground. The spring has the same properties as a fountain, allowing anyone to drink from it. The spell requires land, and thus cannot be used on or in water or in the air.

Although it can occasionally save you a trip home to fill up canteens, most players are smart enough to fill them when they pass water sources and to carry multiple flasks. There are several flasks in the game that have highly minimal weight and they can be put in bags if max items ever becomes an issue. Also, normal fountains, streams, and other water sources are quite plentiful in most parts of Avendar. Gogoth is a notable exception, as it is a ranking area without fountains, and a swath of mid-level guards blocks the exit, making it time-consuming to return to town.

To a greater water scholar, this spell has an extra function. It synergies well with Scry, allowing the scholar to scry from a hidden location of their choice or while on the run.

Be warned, however: once created, the spring can not be destroyed until its duration ends, so using this spell leaves evidence that you passed through the area. This can make it risky to use during PK, especially against scholars. The spell Locate Object can find the springs created by this spell.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

See also: Find Water

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