Creeping Curse
Type: Offensive Spell
Range: Area
Cost: ?? mana
Lag: ?? rounds
Duration: ?? hours

Syntax: Cast 'Creeping Curse'

Invoking the wrath of a whole forest against everyone but druids makes still spell incredibly potent. Everyone that tries to move through a forest, will find that creepers and plants spring up, and tear at their flesh. This damages and lags any player that tries to move through the forest, and initial plans of even an army of players to chase a druid are quickly abandoned. Unless the druid can convince a void scholar to suppress the area (or in the old days, a Conquestor to put a matrix over the area), most players will flee the area immediately by magical means, and will return once the curse has subsided. As such, the spell's immense power in combination with its long recast time (~200 hours) makes it of limited use in playerkilling, except for bragging and boasting rights ;)

Primary Attribute: Wisdom

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