Demonic Possession
Type: Possession Spell
Range: Self
Cost: 160 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: 4 hours

Syntax: cast 'demonic possession'

One of the pinnacle powers of the void templar, demonic possession allows the caster to inhabit his body with a demonic spirit. While under the effects of this spell, he gains +30 hitroll, +30 damroll, a bonus to his maximum hp equal to his level + 80 (maximum 131 at hero).

In addition to the bonuses, he also incurs a few penalties. Most obviously, he gains a vulnerability to holy damage of 20. Should he try to speak or emote, his action will be replaced by a special and sometimes comical comment from the demonic spirit. While possessed, he may also attempt to automatically attack spirit scholars and templars should he be in the room with them.

When demonic possession ends, the caster will immediately rest and his hp and mana will be reduced by half. In addition, he will suffer a penalty to his maximum hp of 100 + level (maximum penalty of 151 at hero). The spirit templar spell exorcism can immediately end the beneficial portion of this spell and force him into this penalty phase. This phase lasts for 7.5 hours, and the spell may not be recast until it ends.

Demonic possession may not be cast in a sanctified room. When this spell is cast, if the caster is affected by spirit shield, protection evil or focus mind, those spells end.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

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