Type: Utility Spell
Range: Room
Cost: 70 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: 12 hours

Syntax: cast 'desecration'

This spell brings the room in which it is cast closer to the Void. By doing so, PCs within the room cannot escape with word of recall or pills or potions which cause the same effect. In addition, spells cast by a spirit templar or spirit scholar in such a room instantly fail, and a character using the positive channel or avatar spells cannot enter. A room that is host to the sanctify spell cannot be desecrated. Additionally, void scholars have faster healing within a desecrated room. This spell has a lengthy recast delay.

This spell synergizes well with the bard song, The Price of Cowardice. It should be noted that by doing so, no one fighting within the room will be able to escape without being moved by a transfer prog, teleport, or summoning.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

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