Faerie Fog
Type: Utility Spell
Range: Area of Effect
Cost: 12 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: cast 'faerie fog'

Faerie fog conjures a cloud of purple smoke in the room in which it is cast. Characters who are invisible, hidden, camouflaged, or in shadow mastery are revealed. Faerie fog also ends the related skills sneak and wilderness movement. This spell allows a save to negate the effect.

While under the effect of this spell, a character will have a (Purple Glow) and will be unable to conceal himself with the above methods until the duration of faerie fog expires (caster's level/20 hours). Characters already glowing from ethereal flame, the house power reveal and so on are not affected by faerie fog.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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