Floating Disc
Type: Item Creation Spell
Range: Self
Cost: 40 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: See Text

Syntax: cast 'floating disc'

Floating disc creates a container worn in the "floating nearby" slot and will remove and replace any item that may be already worn there. At hero, a floating disc may contain a total weight of up to 510.0, and each item may weigh up to 255.0. Items placed on this disc will have reduced weight with regards to the caster's max carry.

The duration of this spell scales with level but also contains a random element. At hero, a floating disc will last for anywhere from 38.5 to 51 hours. When this spell ends, all items contained upon the disc will spill onto the ground and not into the caster's inventory.

This spell can be very effective when raiding a vault, as it expands the weight allowances and the maximum number of high level items a character can carry out with them; as such, it synergizes well with the house power belt of looters.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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