Forest Walk
Type: Utility Spell
Range: Self, group
Cost: ?? mana
Lag: ? rounds
Duration: ?? / till combat

Syntax: cast 'Forest Walk'

Forest walk is a druidic spell, an innate ability of ethrons, and a rare enchantment on certain pieces of equipment. It allows characters to walk silently in outdoor regions (which includes forests, roads, mountains, oceans.. pretty much every place you cannot 'quit'). It also lowers the movement cost of moving through such regions both for the class:druid / ethron, and for the people following them, if the druid / ethron is leading a group.

One advantage ethrons have above those that cast the spell, is that they are affected by forest walk during combat. When an ethron flees, his opponent will not see a message which direction he flees in. For people that are not affected by sneak or forest walk, the flee echo shows the direction of flight as well. Therefore, ethrons have an advantage in escaping combat, as their opponent doesn't instantly know in what direction to pursue.

Forestwalk does not synergize with camouflage or hide, and thus cannot replace wilderness movement or sneak.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

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