Icy Prison
Type: Entrapment Spell
Range: Target Character
Cost: 50 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: Level/20 hours

Syntax: cast 'icy prison' <target>

Icy prison creates a room around the character it is cast upon, trapping them inside. Aside from being trapped, the prison has no further effect; thus, it can be used to split an enemy group or act as a shelter for the water templar to recover within. This spell has no save, but can be avoided based on a character's Dexterity score. It can only be cast out of combat.

An icy prison cannot be gated into or out of, nor can characters trapped within summon or be summoned. Characters can, however, recall or teleport out. The icy prison persists until it is empty, and then is purged on the next tick.

Area of Effect spells that deal fire damage cast in or near an icy prison will melt it instantly.

Cast this spell on mobs that assist each other, allowing you to fight just one of them. Even when the prison melts, the mob's ally will not assist. They will only assist when they see a player attack their ally.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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