Type: Attack Spell
Range: Self / Area of Effect
Cost: 175 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: cast 'implosion'

The pinnacle of the fire scholar's destructive power, implosion is an Area of Effect spell that deals 1-1000 fire damage, caster included. The same damage roll is applied to every character in the room; however, damage reduction and resistances apply individually. Thus, it is possible for the caster to be the only one to die while everyone else survives, and vice versa.

This spell synergizes well with phoenix fire because if the caster is killed by the spell, he will immediately be returned to life. Sanctuary, protection from fire and equipment that grants a resistance to fire will all help a fire scholar cast this spell multiple times before dying.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence


This spell has the highest potential damage of any spell normally useable by players in the game.

At one point, there was a neck piece that would randomly (and frequently) double-cast this spell in combat, generally obliterating everything in the room. I believe it has since been removed. (Or maybe there is just nobody stupid enough to use it anymore?)

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