Type: Buff Spell
Range: One target
Cost: 5 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: 51 hours

Syntax: c infravision <target>

The infravision spell allows the target to see in the dark for a number of hours equal to the caster's level.

This spell is especially useful while the target is either at a low level or has recently been full looted and lacks a light source. Even with a light source, it is still worth using, since it allows the target to see the occupants of darkened rooms with the scan command.

PK Strategy: not wearing any light sources yourself (no glowing rings, or torches), and being in a dark room will make you invisible on 'where' and 'scan' to those that rely on torches and glowing items as a light source. As most characters wear glowing items, players often do not understand why they fail to see you on 'where', as they can detect pretty much everyone else using just glowing items or torches. This strategy won't work on races that can see in the dark (shuddeni, alatharya, kankoran, ??), or classes that can cast infravision-like spells (scholars with minor fire, fire templar), or classes that need infravision for certain spells, and thus often use potions of infravision (void scholars, air scholars)

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