Insect Swarm
Type: Offensive Spell Spell
Range: Target
Cost: ?? mana
Lag: ?? rounds
Duration: ?? hours

Syntax: Cast 'Insect Swarm' <Target>

Through the use of this spell, druids may call a swarm of biting and stinging insects against an opponent. Persons attacked by the swarm will find their ability to use skills and spells hampered, and will suffer various deleterious affects, such as temporary blindness or lag. The effect of a 25% loss of ability in the druids' opponent is huge: not only do warriors do anywhere between 20-40% less damage*, your opponents will defend less well, and scholars will fail their casting spells more often. Together with the damage resistance of barkskin and bearform, and the optional sanctuary staffs, a druid takes very little damage indeed.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

*Theorycraft: A swordmaster with 100% in all skills would lose 25% damage in sword, 25% in enhanced damage, as well as 25% in second, third and fourth attack. This supposedly would result in the massive reduction of damage that the swordmaster will do.

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