Jaws Of Idcizon
Type: Binding Spell
Range: Target Shield
Cost: 100 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: Permanent

Syntax: cast 'jaws of idcizon' <name of shield>

This binding spell binds a demonic idcizon into a shield. By doing so, the shield gains additional hitroll and damroll (up to +5/+5 at hero) in addition to its normal modifiers. It also deals low piercing damage to unarmed opponents when blocking them. Occasionally, the shield will automatically attempt to disarm an opponent with a weapon when it blocks an attack.

This binding synergizes well with shield bash, as the skill deals additional damage when used in conjunction with a shield thus bound. However, the primary usefulness of this skill is found in its automatic effects and hitroll and damroll boosts.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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