Locate Object
Type: Utility Spell
Range: Target Item
Cost: 20 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: cast 'locate object' <item name>

This spell can be used to locate almost any object in Avendar. Its success is based on both percentage and on the caster's level. It is not possible to locate any object assigned a level higher than the caster's. At 100% and level 51, this spell will locate all objects level 51 and under for the given keyword. There is, however, a limit to the number of objects this will return; this is most noticable if one attempts to locate via a very broad term such as 'potion'. In such cases as these, the list of item locations will be truncated when the limit is reached. Much like gate, a multi-word keyword to locate is permissible, and often necessary to narrow the search.

Items located in darkened rooms will only be displayed as 'somewhere' when located, unless the caster has some means of seeing in the dark such as infravision. Detect invis is similarly needed to locate items held by invisible characters. This knowledge can be used to detect the presence, if not location, of thieves, bandits, assassins, or bards; if one is detecting invisible and seeing in the dark, any object appearing as being located 'in somewhere' will be held by a hidden or camouflaged character.

This spell is the primary way to determine who currently owns the Stones of Power. Also, when not in a vault, the stones randomly teleport into any room in Avendar, and this spell becomes essential to finding them. Stones are considered to be level 1, so any character using this spell can find them.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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