Mana Conduit
Type: Major Spirit Benediction Spell
Range: Target Groupmate
Cost: 80 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Level/14 Hours

Syntax: Cast 'Mana Conduit' <target>

This spell opens up a channel between two groupmates. While this channel exists, they will equally share the mana cost of spells cast by either of them; if one cannot pay the cost, the other will bear the full brunt of it. This functions only for spells; other abilities that deplete mana do not go through the channel. One person may only have a single channel placed upon him at a single time, even if there are multiple casters available.

While the two sharing a channel need not be in the same room as one another, mana cannot be transferred over a long distance. This spell will not appear on the affects list of those sharing in the channel.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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