Mudfoot Curse
Type: Minor Earth Benediction
Range: Single PC or Mob
Cost: 30 Mana
Lag: 1 Round
Duration: (Level / 4) Hours

Syntax: cast 'mudfoot curse' <target>

By calling up the soft clinging mud of the earth to bind to an opponent's
feet, a scholar may hamper his foe's movement. Should the target fail to
save, she will be afflicted by the mudfoot curse, suffering a penalty to her
dexterity and requiring a small amount of additional effort when moving.
Furthermore, if she is on solid ground and neither flying nor stabilized, the
target risks periodic slipping; this is more likely to happen in combat.
Slipping will lag the target briefly and may send her down any nearby
slopes. Those with higher dexterity will be able to avoid slipping more

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