Mushroom Circle

Syntax: Cast 'Mushroom Circle' <Sleep/Hallucinatory/Slow>
(hallucinatory mushrooms weren't working, last time I checked)

This druidical spell creates a circle of mushrooms. These mushrooms will release a puff of their spores when others enter the room. Depending on the type of spores used, the mushrooms can put a person to sleep, induce hallucinations, or slow the mind and reflexes. Druids can only muster the energy to cast this spell every 6 hours, and the mushrooms last only 6.5 hours themselves.

The ability to put a large party into a slumber is an excellent ambush ability, especially when the druid hides him/herself from ‘where’ using chameleon. Often, not everyone will fall asleep, but the odds when fighting a party will definitely improve for the druid. Opponents that are asleep can be maledicted with insect swarm, shrink and entangle before the druid attacks. Psionicists are especially vexed by mushroom circles (but even moreso by flesh to stone), as a battle-prepared psionicist will lose mana rapidly while sleeping in the circle, and might thus lose the mental energy to maintain his foci. Another application of the mushroom circle is to prevent an opponent to flee and run far away. A druid that picks a fight within Var Bandor might often have applied a mushroom circle outside one of the city gates, or at the ferryman on the Arien Road, so that might his/her opponent escape, the druid can find him caught in one of the mushrooms.

The slowing mushroom circle is mainly useful against warriors, as it decreases the amount of damage they can inflict on the druid. Unlike the case of the sleep-inducing mushroom types, it is hard to tell by merely looking if someone has been affected by the slowing effect of the mushrooms. Therefore, druids tend to remain at the site of a slowing mushroom circle (possibly hiding themselves with chameleon), to see if their opponent ‘slows down’ (an echo) when entering the mushroom circle.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Charisma

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