Type: Attack Spell
Range: Target Character
Cost: 60 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: See Text

Syntax: cast 'nova' <duration in hours>, cast 'nova' <target>

Nova is the pinnacle attack spell of the fire templar. The primary distinction between nova and other targetted attack spells is that the caster must first charge the nova, before it can be discharged on the target character. The wait time for this spell is measured in hours rather than ticks with a maximum of 5, so quite a bit of preparation can be required to use this spell. It has the highest damage potential of any spell for fire templars.

The charge duration is selected at the start of charging, and can not be ended prematurely in any way besides causing a backlash. Be sure you can charge the full duration selected before casting this spell.

While charging a nova, if the fire templar is attacked or otherwise takes damage (even from wings of flame or fury of the inferno), the nova will always backfire on the caster; performing an action of any kind has a lower chance of causing a similar backfire. The backfire damage is not static and increases for each hour the nova has been charging.

Once a nova has been charged, it can be used by using the expected syntax. The amount of damage dealt by the nova decreases the longer the fire templar waits before casting it, so for fullest effect, it must be used the same tick it has completed charging. Releasing a nova on a target activates instantaneously.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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