Phoenix Fire
Type: Defense Spell
Range: Self
Cost: 150 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: 2.5 hours

Syntax: c 'phoenix fire'

The phoenix fire spell allows a fire scholar to enchant himself with fire magic which will restore him to life immediately should he die while the spell is up.

This spell will not prevent XP loss from death, and can be circumvented in a pk situation in some ways. However, it is one of the signature spells of the sphere, since it can effectively extend the number of deaths a character can survive. It is definitely worth practicing.

It should be noted that dying while phoenix fire is affecting you will count against your total deaths. Phoenix fire works as an instant resurrection where you keep all your buffs with the exception of phoenix fire. Players using phoenix fire should be wary of pk situations where the opponent uses the 'mercy' command. A smart player who has a fire scholar at their mercy will wait until phoenix fire fades and then kill their target preventing the resurrection affect from taking place. This can however be circumvented by the 'suicide yes' command, if one is willing to force the issue. The scholar should be aware of this danger and time his or her implosions accordingly.

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