Type: Utility Spell
Range: Two Target PCs
Cost: 70 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: Level/4 hours

Syntax: cast 'rearrange' <first target> <second target>

Rearrange swaps the appearance of two target PCs The first target must be present in the room with the air templar casting this spell, and may be himself. The second target may be anywhere in the world, so long as the caster can detect them. When looking at a character affected by rearrange, their description and long description will show the other target's instead. Where and tell/reply also show the name of the other target. Beginning combat or waiting out the duration of this spell will cause one target's appearance to revert to their own.

Characters who are already disguised in some way (be it from hooded rogue, disguise, alter self, etc.) cannot be rearranged, nor can PCs who do not have a description. Despite the humor potential in doing so, rearrange cannot change the appearance of an immortal.

Primary Attributes: Probably Intelligence, Wisdom

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