Type: Minor Earth Benediction
Range: Self, Groupmate, or Inventory Object
Cost: 40 Mana
Lag: 1 Round
Duration: (Level / 2) hours

Syntax: cast 'reinforce'
cast 'reinforce' <groupmate>
cast 'reinforce' <object>

By drawing the defensive power of earth into an object, a mage may
reinforce it, temporarily rendering it nearly indestructible and improving
its armor class. The value of the armor class bonus is dependent on the
initial bonus provided by the object; better armor will be more heavily
improved. Weapons thus reinforced will not degrade with use, until the
reinforcement expires.

In addition to casting the spell directly on an object, the mage may target
himself or a groupmate; in this case, all objects worn by the target will be
reinforced, as though the mage had reinforced each object individually.
This spell may be renewed before expiration. Facility with the forgemaster
skill will improve the armor class bonus granted by this spell.

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