Rune Of Fire
Type: Trap Spell
Range: Target Item
Cost: 65 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: Level/2 hours

Syntax: cast 'rune of fire' <object or container>

This spell allows a fire scholar to brand an object with a rune of fire. If the object is picked up before the rune expires, the rune will explode, dealing fire damage to the taker. There is no way to detect a rune on an object short of picking it up.

This spell has very limited application. A single rune doesn't really do enough damage to seriously injure the item's taker, and there is no guarantee that anyone will pick up the item at all before the spell expires. That said, rune of fire can be devastating to characters who quickly take a large number of runed goods. The damage dealt hits PCs both in and out of the casters PK range.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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