Rune Of Life
Type: Healing Spell
Range: Target Weapon
Cost: 100 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: 35 hours

Syntax: cast 'rune of life' <target weapon>

Rune of life heals the wielder of a weapon so branded while fighting. The rune itself applies a penalty of either -50 or -100 to the wielder's mana, and this value is randomly decided. The caster of rune of life has a recast delay associated with the spell of 17.5 hours.

This spell triggers while in combat randomly, but with a high enough success rate that the spell is almost always worth using, especially as a water templar who is tanking. Given the penalty to mana, some lower mana races may wish to forego this rune.

This spell synergizes well with life shield, as both grant automatic healing to a water templar while fighting. Form of the living seas and shield cover also synergize well if that templar's focus is on healing his group rather than just himself.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

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