Rune Of Spirit
Type: Major Spirit Transportation Spell
Range: Caster's Room or Target Inventory Item
Cost: 140 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: See Text

Syntax: cast 'rune of spirit' <item>, cast 'rune of spirit' room

Using this spell, a worker of spirit magics may mark either an item in his possession, or the room where he currently stands with a hidden rune of the spirits (note that if you do not specify, the spell will be cast on the first available item, either on the ground or in your inventory). This spell cannot be cast in a place that cannot be teleported from, nor can it be cast while the caster has an extant rune of spirit. The rune will remain in place for a number of hours equal to the caster's level.

The caster may activate her rune of spirit by using the 'spiritrecall' command (this command requires no mana and generates no lag; it may be used in combat). Spiritrecall will transport the caster and any groupmates in the current room back to the location of the rune. All circumstances which would prevent ordinary usage of the word of recall spell will block an attempt to spiritrecall. The caster's rune must not have been moved into a place which would prevent teleportation, either to or from it. Once a rune has been recalled to, it dissipates, and the caster must place another to be able to spiritrecall again. She is able to place another as soon as the rune fades, for any reason.

An offensive use for this spell is to place the rune'd item on an opponent by either by giving it to them during combat, or having a rogue plant it. Due to the chaotic nature of battles, it is very unlikely the person will notice.

Finally, it can be used as a quick way to get to your groupmates. If your target (a friendly player, likely) has nosummon off, Unseen Servant can be used to deliver a rune'd item to them.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Wisdom

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