Type: Benediction Spell
Range: Target Character
Cost: See Text
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Level/12 hours

Syntax: cast 'sanctuary' <target>

This powerful defensive spell reduces all damage types, save defilement damage, taken by the target by 40%. This spell can be difficult to maintain at lower level.

Sanctuary is learned by both water scholars and water templars. A water scholar casts sanctuary for 75 mana per casting, but may not cast while fighting; a water templar, on the other hand, casts sanctuary for 100 mana but may cast while fighting. This is one of the more pressing reasons for a water scholar to stay out of combat during a fight.

A character in avatar or affected by cloak of the void cannot have sanctuary cast on them. Sanctuary synergizes well with other damage reducing spells, songs and forms, such as stone skin and form of the wraith. When paired with The Lone Defender, the effects do not apply individually; rather, the damage reduction granted is capped at 66%.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

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