Spirit Stone
Type: Major Spirit Utility Spell
Range: Caster Only
Cost: 40 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: (Level+10)/4 Hours

Recast Delay: Level/4 Hours

Syntax: Cast 'Spirit Stone'

This spell conjures forth a stone made of pure magical energy. They may be dropped and destroyed by anyone to release this energy, restoring for the destroyer a substantial amount of mana. These stones may be given freely — there is no restriction on who may gain benefit from them.

Destroying a spirit stone restores 250 mana to the person who destroyed it. Note that you must first drop a stone in order to destroy it, so it would be wise to make a macro using your mud client to drop and destroy the stone in one command so that no one else can steal the stone from you. Remember also that you cannot destroy items while in combat.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Wisdom

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