Stone Shell
Type: Major Earth Benediction Spell
Range: Caster Only
Cost: 90 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: Level/14 hours

Syntax: Cast 'Stone Shell'

Stone shell enfolds the caster in a thick carapace of stone, granting a significant bonus to his armor class. It is more difficult to shatter the knee of someone so encased. Weapons colliding with this carapace have a chance to break from the impact, those which slash into the stone being more susceptible. Indestructible weapons are not subject to this.

However, it is a great deal more difficult to move while surrounded by this carapace of stone, significantly increasing movement costs and occasionally delaying the caster when he moves.

This spells seems to provide an armor class reduction of 3 times your level, but triples your movement costs and has a chance to lag you when you move. I have not had any luck with it shattering enemy weapons — it seems the chance is either really low or it just doesn't work. That fact, combined with the problem of armor class not scaling well (generally considered useless above level 20 or so), makes the value of this spell questionable.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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