Wall Of Fire
Type: Utility Spell
Range: Target Exit
Cost: 60 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: ?

Syntax: cast 'wall of fire' <direction>

This spell blocks the target exit with a wall of fire. Characters passing through that exit are dealt fire damage. There is no save to reduce the damage dealt. This spell has a recast delay of 12 hours.

Wall of fire can't be cast on or under water. Characters in voidwalk do not take damage while passing through an exit blocked with this spell. Archery, bolo, dart, firebolt, icebolt, ray of light and throw cannot pass through a wall of fire.

This spell is of limited usefulness at high levels, since it really doesn't do all that much damage. It will, however, force invisible or hidden characters into view when they pass through.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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