Wall Of Water
Type: Utility Spell
Range: Room
Cost: 85 mana
Lag: 2 rounds
Duration: Level/24 hours

Syntax: cast 'wall of water'

Wall of water changes the room in which it is cast into being underwater. This causes characters that cannot breathe in water to be unable to enter the room, and those inside it to begin drowning (see aquatic movement for more underwater fighting penalties). Blast and blazing inferno spells can not enter or spread into a wall of water.

The casting of wall of water ends blazing inferno and plant growth in that room. Characters hiding or camouflaged in the room will be immediately revealed.

This spell can not be cast in combat.

Lawful templars should be aware that casting this spell in cities is considered illegal by some, since it can technicly cause drowning damage. On the other hand, anyone can avoid this damage by simply leaving the room, so this is debatable.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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