Wings Of Flame
Type: Flight Spell
Range: Self
Cost: 50 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Level/6 hours

Syntax: cast 'wings of flame'

This spell grants magical flight and a boost to the Dexterity score. While this spell carries a relatively high mana cost for flight, it has many defensive uses. The spell will deal a very small amount of damage to the caster each tick it is in effect. This damage will allow the caster to escape most forms of knockout on the next tick since the damage will force the caster to wake. Skills such as choke, pummel, waylay and sleep can be negated in this manner. However, this periodic damage also makes it harder for a character to heal wounds by sleeping and makes it impossible to charge a nova.

This spell cannot be cast in a gravity well.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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