Word Of Recall
Type: Transport Spell
Range: Target Groupmate
Cost: 5 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Instantaneous

Syntax: cast 'word of recall' <target>

This spell, like the recall feature available to low level characters, instantly transports the target character to an altar, determined by both their hometown and their alignment. If the target is someone other than the caster, that target must be present in the room. Casting word of recall cuts the caster's current moves in half.

Only scholars receive this spell. Word of recall does not function in a desecrated room, an area affected by suppress or areas with the norecall flag. If the target is affected by the house power matrix or the mundane spell curse, they cannot be recalled.

The effect of this spell can be easily duplicated with a potion of transportation from Var Bandor or a potion of recall from Earendam. The major difference between using the spell and using a potion is that the potion does not lag the character for one round; both the spell and potions can be used in combat.

While word of recall is usually a staple of scholar escape, one should consider that some attackers will have helpers waiting at the scholar's altar in case he does so.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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