Type: Minor Spirit Benediction Spell
Range: Target PC or Mob
Cost: 35 mana
Lag: 1 round
Duration: Level/8 Hours

Syntax: Cast 'Zeal' <target>

Suffusing the target with a fanatic fervor, zeal is a close cousin of the fire spell frenzy. Like that spell, the target will be able to hit both harder and more accurately, though his armor class will suffer. Unlike frenzy, one held by this zeal will fight even beyond the limits of his mortal frame, allowing his hit points to fall into the negatives. However, the body can only be pushed so far, and taking too much damage, or if the spell expires while the target is in such a state will both prove fatal.

It is not possible to cast this spell on someone who is already in a berserker rage. Those imbued with the fervor of this spell will find themselves unable to either retreat or cower away from battle (flee still works normally).

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Charisma

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