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A spoiler is any piece of information that is unknown to you.

However, within the wiki, only major answers will be given the spoiler tag. Things such as demon rune locations, riddle answers, and complete walkthroughs. There are two ways of going about this.

Basic Spoiler Template

[[include template:spoiler]] will add the template:

WARNING: This section contains spoilers!

[[include template:spoilend]] will mark the end of the spoiler.

Spoilers end here.

Collapsible Spoiler Template

[[collapsible show="+ Text describing the nature of the spoiler (spoilers)" hide="- Hide this content" hideLocation="both"]]
> ##DD1111|**Spoiler Disclaimer:**##
> The following information is considered to be a 'spoiler'. That means that these are either heroic pieces of equipment, maps or walkthroughs for hero quest areas, explicit information about god sigils, walkthroughs for difficult quests, explicit information about summoning void demons or alchemy receipts. Many of us consider it to be more fun to find out these things ingame, but if you're getting seriously frustrated when searching for the solution ingame, you might find relief here.

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