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I threw up a page for parry just now; the formula should be accurate, though I don't know if I have the numbers for the weapons below swords (as most of my interest has been in better parry, not lesser), but my formatting is shit, if someone wants to clean it up. Also, does anyone know the formatting for signing your name/post-time in talkpages? '~~~~' doesn't seem to work.

There are no 'real' talkpages, sadly. It's a flaw, I think, of the software they're using. However, I believe the ease of editing articles makes up for that. For now, just sign comments as I do. Oh, there is a forum featue I will be adding. That should help out a bit. — Landeyda

31st March 08 - I've started adding in the pages for the combination major/minor scholars and I edited the Scholar page a bit to reflect that. Two sets down, four to go! — Xerihae

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