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Here's a bit from the Clarity page I'm not happy with

Example of what NOT to do:

It is rumored there was an adventurer that met a nasty demise within the caves near Brintor.

The correct way:

Within the Brintor Caves, you can find a set of low-level armor. The path is from Center Square in Var Bandor is: 8n e 10n 11e n 2e 10n w 2n 2e 11n 4w 2s 4w n

Personally, I'd prefer something like this: it allows for both explorers and those inclined to memorize speedwalks

The correct way:

Many of the less-skilled adventurers die within the Brintor Caves, still clinging to their gear. Curiously enough, they tend to drag themselves mortally wounded to the same corner of the caves: the western end of the luminous caves, just north and west of the Miners. This oddity has been thankfully used by many young and aspiring adventurer in need of some clothing.

The path from Center Square in Var Bandor is: 8n e 10n 11e n 2e 10n w 2n 2e 11n 4w 2s 4w n

— Ardanwen

My original intent was to keep the articles free of 'flavor' text. However, your suggestion does have merit. We'll see what the other editors think, and put it to a vote. The forum should be going in soon, so we can wait till then. Thanks for finding middle ground, though! — Landeyda

Flavor makes things way more enjoyable.. it's the difference between a cheat sheet and a well-written tactics guide. I think the latter will benefit new players more, and that was what this wiki was for, right? :) — Ardanwen

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