The Jandiskan Kiln
The Jandiskan Kiln
Area: Eril Village
Type: Clothing, Equipment


This store has been refitted to support a large kiln and other
pottery-related periphernalia. It has been expanded, upward as well as
outward, and painted in a rich, earthy orange-brown. The west wall supports
two respectable windows which flank its familiar doorway, giving the shop
interior a healthy amount of natural light. The scent of the kiln and its
heat fill the room, giving it a heavier feel during the summer months and a
thick warmth during the winter. A series of small counters provide places
for transactions to take place, as well as examples of the wares for sale.
Outside to the west is Eril's marketplace.

[Exits: west


A caladaran artisan tends the counter of his shop.

The caladaran artisan Alajasi Chadirsa is well-known throughout Avendar
for his ceramics. Originally born in Jandiska, he traveled abroad to study
with Chassalrin, the famed sculptor of Gaald. He is tall and thin, with
almost comically oversized hands and feet for his frame. His somewhat odd
appearance has worked in his favor, allowing him an unusually impressive
command of sculpting. His work is most well known for the geometric forms
with which he decorates his pieces. He was able to procure this location at
low cost from its previous owner, and now uses it to expand both his art and




20p 3g
17p 7g
21p 7g
17p 4g 2s 5c
17p 5g
24p 3g
24p 9g
16p 2g

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