Ticks mark the passage of time in Avendar. Each tick represents approximately 30-45 seconds of real time, and half an hour of game time.

Many things happen at the occurrence of a tick. In addition to the normal effects of time passing, such as the progression from one day to the next on the in-game calendar, expect the following to occur to your character:

- Hit points and mana are regenerated
- The durations of non-permanent enchantments and maledictions are adjusted
- Many affects trigger special acts with the passage of time. For example, if you are affected by poison, you will take damage each tick until the poison runs its course

In addition to the character-specific occurrences, your world will change as time passes:

- NPCs that are killed, and items not in the possession of an NPC, will return to their initial placement if the area they are in is devoid of player characters. NPCs that are killed will return after a much longer duration (around fifteen real-time minutes) if players are in the area, but items that are originally found on the ground will not.
- Special activities of certain NPCs, objects, and areas may trigger at certain times or at different intervals
- The weather changes, for better or worse

- Including the time in your prompt can be a very useful. The appropriate variable is %t.

- There are a few exceptions to the respawning rules. Some items, based on in-game scripts, will return at varying intervals.

- In-character reference to ticks should mention the "half hour", "on the hour", "in x and a half hours", or "at <time>".

- It may be inadvisable, depending on your role and desire to participate in the player-killing aspect of Avendar, to stay in an area and delay its respawn for others. Such activities have been known to invite repercussions from PCs that are waiting for a specific area's repopulation, especially if they are trying to gain levels.
- Being within certain areas, especially those with limited points of egress, can result in disaster on the occurrence of a respawn.

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