Background Traits In-Game Text
Aristocrat: When you have matured some, you will be granted an inheritance from your estate. (2 trains)
Blacksmith: Your weapons and armor require less repair (metal only). (1 train)
Heirloom: You are the owner of a family heirloom. (3 trains)
Loyal Retainer: At level 10, you gain the ability to call a loyal retainer. (2 trains)
Streetwise: A life spent growing up on the streets has left you wise to many common tricks. (2 trains)
General Traits In-Game Text
Brave: You are braver than most in the face of danger. (1 train)
Cowardly: You are a coward, adept at escaping danger. (1 train)
Cynic: You are difficult to fool. (1 train)
Frugal: You are quite persuasive when it comes to bartering with merchants. (1 train)
Linguistic: You can more easily hear the subtle variations in different languages, and learn them at a faster rate than most people. (1 train)
Magical Traits In-Game Text
Arcane Touch: You have a natural affinity for using staves and wands. (3 trains)
Gifted: You may attempt to cast spells you do not have the energy for. (1 train)
Magic Aptitude: The initial magical energy required for your spells is less. (1 train)
Obscure: No one can make out the arcane words used in casting your spells. (1 train)
Physical Traits In-Game Text
Pious: Recall until level 25. After level 25, a greater chance of divine notice to your sacrifices. (1 train)
Ambidextrous: You are good at balancing your weapons, when fighting with two. (2 trains)
Aquatic Nature: You are a surprisingly good swimmer. (1 train)
Charming: You have the potential to be extraordinarily charismatic. (2 trains)
Cold-natured: You don't really notice cold weather. (1 train)
Eagle-eyed: You have sharp vision, allowing you to see further. (1 train)
Endurance: You can go longer without drink and nourishment. (1 train)
Fleet: You are able to grab fallen weapons in combat. (2 trains)
Hollow Leg: You can eat more than most before you get full. (1 train)
Iron Stomach: You can eat almost anything without becoming ill. (1 train)
Long-lived: You're likely to live longer than most of your race. (1 train)
Nimble: Your natural grace permits you to wear heavier things without it affecting your spellcasting abilities. (1 train)
Pack Horse: You can carry more than someone of your size and strength usually could. (2 trains)
Survivor: You have a firm grasp on the material world, and will resist your final death longer than others. (1 train)
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