Background Traits
Trait In-Game Text Trains
Aristocrat When you have matured some, you will be granted an inheritance from your estate 2
Weapon Maintenance Your weapons and armor require less repair 1
Streetwise A life spent growing up on the streets has left you wise to many common tricks - You gain an additional 10% chance to avoid waylay, cutpurse, steal, garrote, and rob 2
Thieves Cant You know the silent hand signal language of thieves 1
Mortician You are quite skilled at dismembering and dissecting corpses 1
Loremaster You have studied extensively, and have a mastery of rare lore and esoterica 1
General Traits
Trait In-Game Text Trains
Brave You are braver than most in the face of danger - You gain a 15% bonus chance to rescue and distract, and +20 resist to fear 2
Cowardly You are a coward, adept at escaping danger - You gain a 10% bonus chance to cower, attempts to flee will be twice as successful, and you can set a wimpy value of 3/4 your max hp 1
Cynic You are difficult to fool - You see through mimicry and ventriloquate attempts, gain a substantial defense against feint, and gain +10 resistance to illusion 2
Frugal You are quite persuasive when it comes to bartering with merchants - You gain a 15% chance to haggle for classes without the skill, and a 15% bonus to your skill (capping at 100%) for classes with haggle 1
Linguistic You can more easily hear the subtle variations in different languages, and learn them at a faster rate than most people - Your chance to improve a language on hearing or usage is twice as likely 1
Magical Traits
Magical Traits In-Game Text Trains
Gifted You may attempt to cast spells you do not have the energy for 1
Magic Aptitude The initial magical energy required for your spells is less 1
Obscure No one can make out the arcane words used in casting your spells 1
Pious Recall until level 25. After level 25, a greater chance of divine notice to your sacrifices 1
Physical Traits
Physical Traits In-Game Text Trains
Ambidextrous You are good at balancing your weapons, when fighting with two 2
Charming You have the potential to be extraordinarily charismatic - You gain +1 to both your initial and your racial maximum charisma 2
Cold-natured You don't really notice cold weather. 1
Eagle-eyed You have sharp vision, allowing you to see further 2
Endurance You can go longer without drink and nourishment 1
Fleet You are able to grab fallen weapons in combat 1
Hollow Leg You can eat more than most before you get full 1
Iron Stomach You can eat almost anything without becoming ill 1
Long-lived You're likely to live longer than most of your race 1
Survivor You have a firm grasp on the material world, and will resist your final death longer than others 1
Light Sleeper You can sense nearby activity while sleeping 1
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