How To Add A Template

Templates are very useful additions to wiki pages, particularly the skill/spell/formbox templates, which are all very handy for giving the immediate breakdown of a given ability.

Unfortunately, the "initial template" setting presented in the default page editor gives a very clunky form of the template, copying all of its code into the article where it really isn't needed.

So, there's a simple, easier way of including a template, which makes it easier to read and edit, and cuts down a lot on repeated wiki-ese.

I'll present examples of each, taken from the code of individual articles, and hopefully they should be clear enough.

For a formbox:

@@[[include template:formbox

For a spellbox:

@@[[include template:spellbox
|effectRange=Target Character
|cost=15 mana
|lag=2 rounds
|duration=Level/6 hours]]@@

And for a skillbox:

@@[[include template:skillbox
|cost=0 mana
|lag=1 round

As you can see, it's a lot easier to read in the edit box than the default dropdown will give you, leaving out all the tabledata. The only thing you need to really do is look at the template first and know what values you're going to have to put in. Or, you can just copy out the code examples here and replace the fields as necessary. Do not put the @ symbols around the template; that's just there to make sure the code itself prints in this page, rather than the boxes. They shouldn't be showing at all, actually.

Happy editing!

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